'Souvenir Plots'.

Over the last 2 years, the procurator fiscal has dealt with a number of enquries relating to businesses which sell small plots of land (typically 1 sq. metre) to customers who are told that on becomming an 'owner' of the land, they may call themselves the 'Laird of X'.  This office is only concerned with the use of un-registered heraldry either by the business selling the land (e.g. as displayed on the 'certificate of title') or by the purchaser assuming the 'arms' as their own. The use of such un-registered heraldry is an offence under Scots law.

14 December 2012

Use of the saltire

The saltire is the national flag of Scotland.  It is protected by law and is registered in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings of Scotland.  It may be used by any person wishing to display his or her loyalty to Scotland and as a sign of patriotism.  This should not be confused with displays of the saltire on coats of arms which is regulated by the law of arms and Scottish heraldic convention.  

14 December 2012